You do not have to go far to enjoy the joys and happiness of bird watching. Our backyards can serve as a fun place where new bird watchers can start learning from the basics.

To construct the best birdwatching area in your backyard, you can use the service of bird feeders. Getting bird feeders is making sure that birds never run out. Make sure you research how far away from each other the feeders should be. What to feed them is another thing that you should know something about.

Just like the feeders, the food that you select should depend in large part on what type of birds you are hoping to attract and where you live. Some of the more common types of bird feed are sunflower seeds, cracked corn, and thistle. Often found in a mix, pour this type of seed into a hopper-type feeder to meet the needs of several different species at one backyard bird watching station.

Since you have constructed some feeders, which are very good ways of experiencing the birds on a greater level, you should ensure that the created place for backyard watching gets the complete view. Remove low-hanging branches that may block your view. Do this when there is no bird around feeding on the feeders, sudden change in the environment may disrupt their behavior patterns.

Now that you are ready to begin your observations, you will find that you need some kind of magnifying device to see the birds better. A basic pair of binoculars to watch is usually sufficient for beginners, though you may find it better to mount a spotting scope near a bird-watching picture window in your home. These optical devices will greatly increase your ability to identify birds and get to them by their distinct markings and behaviors.

The plant layout or the spacing between trees and shrubs are all important factors when considering our avian friends. Provide open spaces that should be well protected from wind and street noise since this noise does not appeal to birds.

Increasing the number of plants in your backyard guarantees more birds will be starting to get cover. You can even create a layered garden to provide richness and diversity in your garden. You can add layers by planting clusters of shade-loving small trees, shrubs, and ground covers under taller trees. They would look a little bit close to the natural woodland.

A good thing about bird watching or keeping a bird-watching atmosphere in your backyard is that your garden tends to be organic. The birds helped in controlling the garden pests and diseases with an arsenal of chemicals, organic gardening balances the ecosystem healthily.

Working knowledge of organic gardening is important to a gardener intent on attracting birds and butterflies. Using plants native to your region reduces the need for pesticide use since native plants are resistant to local pests and diseases.

There is nothing better than watching colorful birds fly around a native and natural garden that almost looks like the bird’s natural habitat. This makes sure that birds will be coming back to our backyard. Bird watching is a pastime many people can enjoy and do without leaving your house or the city.